The BioBoost platform is jointly managed by two organisations:

Greenport West-Holland (Zoetermeer, NL)

Green Chemistry Campus (Bergen op Zoom, NL)

Both are non-profit organisations and aimes at supporting sustainability of the horticultural sector and the (biobased circular) material transition respectively. Both organisations and their networks complement each other and have a facilitating character. Joint management of the BioBoost platform is an enrichment for both organisations and for the platform.

The Greenport and the Campus have jointly adopted the platform of the finished 'BioBoost Europe' Interreg project.

Initiated by the BioBoost project

The BioBoost Platform launch in November 2019 was initiated by the BioBoost project. This project ran from 2017 to 2020.

In the BioBoost project partners from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom collaborate to stimulate the development of a biobased horticultural sector.

The project explores possibilities and also provides help to companies to develop new concepts and products that use plant residues or content materials for, for example, the food and feed industry, pharmaceutical, building and cosmetic industries.

The project was led by the Municipality of Westland (NL) and is financially supported by the Interreg 2 Seas Programme, the province of West Flanders and the province of South Holland. Visit for more information about the BioBoost project.

The maintenance of this project is made possible by a financial contribution from the the O&O-fund of Regio West-Brabant.


Read more about the partners in the BioBoost project whom initiated this platform.