Terms of Use

Welcome to the BioBoost platform

BioBoost is a platform for exchanging information about biobased initiatives in and with horticulture. BioBoost has the ambition to grow into a meeting place for everyone with ideas, questions or experiences with biobased horticulture.

It is a joint responsibility of all users to ensure that the information on the platform grows and that the platform can be used optimally. To guarantee this, a number of rules have been drawn up.

By creating your user profile you accept the rules and the terms of use. The platform is monitored by a moderator. The moderator controls compliance with the conditions. If a user does not comply with the conditions, the moderator will point this out and take action if necessary. The moderator does not actively participate in the platform.

The platform is offered to you free of charge and is (mainly) financed from public funds.

Terms and conditions

  • Only initiatives are published that have actually been investigated and / or realized in an experimental environment or in practice. Theoretical options will not be published.
  • You as a submitter strive to publish the initiative as completely as possible, both when entering the initial information and keeping the initiative up-to-date.
  • You, as the submitter of initiatives, remain responsible at all times for the accuracy and actuality of the information that is published. Under no circumstances BioBoost, nor the parties behind the platform, can be held liable for the (correctness of) publication of initiatives.
  • If you refer to someone else's text, research or article, state the author or source.
  • As the submitter, you are and remain responsible for the use of images and other content that may or may not be copyrighted
  • When sharing information, texts and reactions, instructions on the website must be followed. No personal details, such as name, address, telephone number, e-accounts, may be mentioned in texts or reactions. Also, personal information of others may not be published. Any responses must relate to the content.
  • Not allowed are:
    • Insulting, hurting, threatening and provoking
    • Discrimination and racism
    • Advertising (in word and image) and spam
    • Surveys, marketing, study and school studies
    • Illegal and immoral contributions and contributions subject to copyrights
    • Commercial product presentations
    • Obscene contributions
    • Links to websites with illegal content
    • Links to commercial websites
  • If a violation of the conditions is found, the administrator of the platform (moderator) will contact the participant concerned.
    If the participant does not respond, or maintains or repeats the violation, the participant will be blocked and any information or texts added by the participant to the platform will be completely or partially removed.
  • The IP address of each participant from which information or texts are added is recorded.
  • Contributions that conflict with the terms of use can be reported to the moderator via the contact page. The moderator will review your comment as soon as possible, makes a decision and, if relevant, follow up with appropriate actions.