The MUSA intimates undies are manufactured with banana textile, one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world. The fabric has four exceptional areas: it breathes, cools, is water-repellent and has the possibility to be biodegradable.

Besides embracing your intimate zones, this alternative textile is also sustainable. It is made from waste residues from the Musa banana plant, more specifically: the "pseudo trunk". This banana plant lives only once and starts to bloom around the age of nine months, three months later the fruits are ripe. The plant is cut down immediately after picking the fruit and the banana farmer is stuck with these remains.

This has the effect that the remains of the banana plant are dumped in great numbers as waste, which affects the environment, and its balance. At MUSA intimates, we see this waste as a useful raw material. By creating her undies out of these waste residues, MUSA will make a sustainable contribution to not only the fashion industry, but the banana industry as well.

There are several ways to separate the fibers from the trunk and turn it into thread. At MUSA intimates, we prefer a mechanical method where the inner layers of the banana trunk are extracted until only the fibers remain. The raw-fiber are then air-dried, twisted together with organic cotton and woven into yarns.

Finally MUSA weaves the fabric in Europe into the beautiful MUSA intimates undies.

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