The vegetable pasta from Sophini is pasta the way pasta should taste with the rich and healthy quality of vegetables (35%), because the pasta is made with a handful of really fresh vegetables. We only use 2 natural ingredients per product and your dish will be on your plate within 4 minutes. Healthy, easy and above all very tasty.

Without additives and locally produced. Good for you and good for the farmer.

The Netherlands is one of the largest vegetable exporting countries in the world. This is an achievement we can be proud of, but it makes the contradiction that 85% of Dutch people do not get their recommended daily amount of vegetables even more worrying. In addition to the fact that the average consumer prefers a meal that does not provide sufficient nutrition, we also struggle with a large volume of fruit and vegetables that we throw away each year - up to 800 million kilos. So we are actually throwing away nutrients.


Based on the idea that we all need to eat healthier and at the same time contribute to making the food industry more sustainable, Linsie Meijer started a clear mission in 2020. By processing as many residual flows of fruit and vegetables as possible into tasty products that create a win-win in the daily diet for the vast majority of Dutch people - less food waste and more truly healthy (and tasty) products.

At Sophini we aim for delicious, honest products and communication. Through our short chains and mild production process, we retain as many of the good nutrients from the vegetables in our VeggiePasta as possible without sacrificing a truly fresh pasta experience. We add 35% really fresh vegetables to our pasta so that the consumer eats a really tasty pasta with the healthy benefits of vegetables.


What does 35% really FRESH vegetables actually mean?

An average adult eats between 80-100 grams of pasta. This means that 35 grams of this consists of vegetables. The vegetables come straight from the field and we wash, peel and cut them. This is then heated in water for pureeing. This of course means that some nutrients are lost. This also happens at home when you heat the vegetables - and it is no different with us. Fortunately, a lot of them are still preserved.

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Examples of end products

Fusilli with spinach, carrot, parsnip or beetroot

Sophini has a range of dried vegetable pastas consisting of flour and 35% fresh processed vegetables. The pasta is ready within 4 minutes and has the experience of fresh pasta, but it can be stored in the kitchen cupboard. There are now 4 flavors on the market. - Fusilli from durum semolina with 35% spinach - Fusilli from durum semolina with 35% carrot - Fusilli from whole grain spelled with 35% parsnip - Fusilli from whole grain spelled with 35% beetroot There is still plenty of testing going on with local Dutch grains and other types of vegetables (and even fruit). The Penne shape is also possible, or whatever shape the customer wishes.

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