To package the asparagus in an appropriate way for business gifts, Keiren has chosen to produce a sample business envelope. The size of the packaging is perfectly matched, so that one kilo of asparagus fits well.

The asparagus is packed together with a recipe book “taste the spring” so that the customers can prepare something tasty immediately.

The special thing about this packaging is that the material is made of asparagus paper. The peel waste from the asparagus is used as raw material for this. The paper has been produced according to traditional methods at "De Middelste Molen" paper mill.

Because this paper is very difficult to print, we have chosen to print a label and punch it in a nice shape. This was conceived together with the Wihabo printing company in Geffen. The whole is closed by means of a Japanese closure.

From various relations we received photos of what they prepared for our asparagus. The water runs in our mouths.

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Asparagus Asparagus officinalis L.
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