As from the summer of 2021, sugar beet pulp will be used to make Van Gilse kilo bags of granulated sugar. The kilo bags will be on sale in supermarkets.

Sugar beet paper is a ground breaking innovation of Cosun Beet Company and paper manufacturer Crown Van Gelder. Step by step, the paper packaging will be introduced for other Van Gilse products.

The sugar beet paper was extensively tested with paper manufacturer Crown Van Gelder before being taken into use. It is suitable for direct food contact and is strong, machine processable and easy to open and close.

Better for the environment
Sugar beet paper is made in part from beet pulp, a by-product of the sugar production process that is currently used as an animal feed and a source of green gas. By replacing 20% of the wood fibres in the paper, sugar beet fibres reduce the environmental impact by 16%.

How to recognise sugar beet paper
The new packaging material can be recognised from its small dark dots. These are cork particles produced by the sugar beet to protect the outer layer of their skin. The paper can also be recognised by the Crown Native guarantee logo and the label with the text, Dutch grown sugar beet paper. 

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Sugar Beet Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris cultivar Altissima
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