Camp's picks vegetables, grinds mustard and makes pickles for more than a hundred years with great respect for history and working towards a sustainable future with more local resources and better use of by-products in their end products.

Fermentation of certain vegetables has a lot of potential to meet these challenges and to develop new surprising recipes: meat spread with pieces of fermented red cabbage, fermented leek on a toast with a terrine and Kimchi from carrots as a delightful side dish. The options are particularly numerous.

By fermenting vegetables that are in danger of being lost, they are helping farmers move forward, enriching their choices and are getting a forgotten storage technique from under the dust and ultimately bringing healthy products to the market.

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Carrot Daucus carota Sweet Pepper Capsicum annuum L.
Roots / Tubers
Application area
Food & feed
Commercial stage
Relevant plant compounds
carbohydrates fibers Vitamins and minerals

Pros and cons

Used conversion methods

Biochemical processes