Ons Dag Groen, is an innovative leek company that over the years has opted for broadening instead of scaling up. The leitmotif is the sustainable, social and agricultural educational aspect.

ODG is a care farm, people with disabilities and time-out students find a meaningful use of time on the leek farm, with the farm animals or in the groenselhof.
ODG sells via a short chain and brings consumers closer to the producer.
ODG receives classes, organizes (birthday) workshops, company visits, seminars, team building, ... in an active agricultural and horticultural event.

ODG dries the green leek leaf, the result is a delicious kitchen leek-herb. It is delicious on an omelet, on fish, on white sauce, on spaghetti, on a salad ... and can partly replace salt. With this leek herb we have artisanal methods for making leek cheese, leek liquor, leek mustard, leek pralines, leek pens, leek bread ... In this way we contribute to the valorization of the residual flows in agriculture and horticulture. The green leek leaf promotes the laying of our laying hens and musk ducks, our goats and Menapian pigs also like a green leaf.

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Leek Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum
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