In many products such as clothing, carpets, paint and cosmetics, colouring agents are used. These are often chemical-based or synthetic-based colouring agents. Nowadays, it is possible to change these synthetic colouring agents into natural colouring agents. Rubia 100% Natural Colours from the Netherlands uses only natural materials (plants) to extract the colouring agents. The obtained colouring agents are intended for the business to business market. A source for these colouring agents is for example the madder root. Rubia 100% Natural Colours works with its own madder varieties, which are cultivated by growers under licence. This way, Rubia is in full control over the purity of the cultivated material. In the factory at Steenbergen the root is handled according to a unique process and the natural colouring agents are isolated and packed for the market. This results in a consistent quality in line with the market demands.

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Madder Rubia tinctorum L.
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