Eco Treasures produces fruiticals (oils, seed flours, fibers and extracts)  based on vegetal raw materials (mostly red fruit pulp). Each of these products has unique properties and is used in a variety of sectors, including cosmetics, food and food supplements.

Additionaly, the company can supply interested parties with extracts from their own natural raw materials. Thanks to Eco Treasures' expertise and the fact that they have their own installations, they can be a partner in a sustainable, economically viable and environmentally friendly extraction process.

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Strawberry Fragaria x ananassa Blackberry Rubus fruticosus L. Black currant Ribes nigrum L.
Application area
Food & feed Fine chemicals Materials
Scale-up stage
Relevant plant compounds
fibers unsaturated fatty acids Vitamins and minerals proteins

Examples of end products

Seed flour

Fruit oils

Fruit fibers

Pros and cons

Used conversion methods

Mechanical-Physical processes