Duijvestijn Tomaten has developed a sustainable drying machine to produce oven-dried tomatoes. On the basis of warm water from a natural heat source freshly grown tomatoes are oven-dried into a sustainable, tasty and unique end product. A method unique in Holland and consistent with the Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship of Duijvestijn Tomaten.

At the beginning of 2014 and based on the sustainable method of oven-dried tomatoes, Duijvestijn Tomaten introduced its own brand Frezta® to the Dutch market. In addition to the mission of sustainability, the development of the brand was created out of the idea that the market of tomatoes could still grow through inspiration of marketing and fresh product concepts. Frezta® therefore stands for fresh tomato ideas. With Frezta® Duijvestijn Tomaten focuses on the food retail, food service, delicacies and out-of-home channels in the Netherlands as well as in Europe.

Frezta® is based on the unique method of air-drying tomatoes applying the earth’s heat and sustainable growth. With respect to sun-drying, this method preserves in particular the soft texture of the tomato. Also the basic taste is more intense and the good qualities of the tomato, such as vitamins, are preserved better.

The oven-dried tomatoes are packed in a specific manner and are offered in different variants. In addition, the ‘food lover’ can immediately use the products. In the meal, with a drink or as a healthy delicious snack. No messing about with oil or rehydrating the tomatoes. A reliable quality all year round. Also the new packages, the attractive shape to create temptation on the shelves, as well as the clear communication are advantages, resulting in impulse and repeated purchases for the shopkeeper and a new food experience for the consumer.

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Tomato Solanum lycopersicum L.
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Examples of end products

Oven-dried tomatoes

First Frezta® introduced an assortment of oven-dried tomatoes and tapenades. Currently the oven-dried tomatoes are available in the flavours natural, garlic & oregano, rosemary and thyme.


First Frezta® introduced an assortment of oven-dried tomatoes and tapenades. The tapenades, or as we call them “Tomenades’, are made from oven-dried tomatoes in the flavours natural, capers, olives and spicy.

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