Healthier and more sustainable living are at the top when it comes to making a good start in the new year. This is exactly why Marieke Terpstra, owner Brächa-Piña, started producing fabric from pineapple leaves. With her company she wants to share her core values of freedom, creativity and sustainability with as many people as possible. By producing fabric from pineapple leaves, she wants to give everyone the opportunity to make a more sustainable choice for fabric and also give something back to the inhabitants of her beloved Bali.


Pina is a fabric made from pineapple leaves. The fabric is completely vegan and sustainably produced. Pineapple leaves are a waste product and therefore sustainable to use for making fabric. The pineapple leaves are processed to eventually be woven into a luxurious fabric. To make the fabric completely vegan, the fabric is colored with natural dyes.

Local community

Marieke works with the local community in Bali to process the pineapple leaves into a rich, versatile fabric. Together with the inhabitants, she started making a machine that can process the leaves into fabric. Every day Balinese women are busy weaving the fabric of pineapple leaves. In this way, Marieke creates an income for these women, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to independently generate an income for their family.

Sustainable dream

Marieke has been selling leather bags under the Bracha-Piña label for several years now. To increase the durability of her products, Marieke had been looking for even more sustainable material than the leather she used for several years. Many options she came across were not fully vegan and so were not suitable. After a long search, she came up with the idea of making fabric from pineapple leaves. Together with the local inhabitants of Bali, she has developed a substance that can be used for many products. The fabric is perfect for making curtains, cushions and other interior items. But also very suitable for making a chic suit, for example, says Marieke. “I am super proud of the fabric we created. In this way I not only produce a beautiful product, but I also provide a group of local employees and their families with an income.”



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Pineapple Ananas comosus
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Examples of end products

Piña wallet

Wallet made of fibres of the pineapple leafs

Piña trousers

Pair of trousers made of fibres of the pineapple leafs

Piña pillow

Pillow made of fibres of the pineapple leafs

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