The cricket bars are an idea of ​​Michiel and Anneleen Van Meervenne. They were looking for a healthy alternative to the unhealthy snacks in candy machines. In this way they want to change the mentality of consumers with a low-threshold product. You don't see any crickets in the bar. They are dried and finely ground into flour. A conscious choice to make insects mainstream.

Carrefour is currently trying out 'Kriket' bars in 120 stores within a 40-kilometer radius around the Kriket site in Brussels. This can be expanded if the sale runs smoothly. At AVEVE shops in Belgium the bars are normally in all branches.

The foreign market is the next step. The intention is to place the snacks on the shelves of around 100 stores in a Dutch chain. Kriket will soon be launching a new chocolate bar and working on new products such as granola and muesli.

The production of crickets by the Belgian Little Food is based on the principle of the circular economy, because the crickets are indeed fed with the remains of sunflower seeds intended for the production of oil. As a result, the consumption and waste of raw materials are limited.

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