Seprosa® is a new sparkling wine vinified and bottled from Belgian fruit. The rich and fine bubbles are due to the 2nd fermentation in the bottle according to the traditional method.

From an idea, a passion, a mission, ... by Eddy and Colette Leclere-Lammens and many conversations with Prof. Dr. Ghislain Houben from Wijndomein Hoenshof, Seprosa® was born.

The challenge is the processing of surplus fruit as ingredients of Seprosa®. Commercial apple and pear varieties, ... are the main part of this product. A small amount of old varieties provide extra aromas and acids. The combination with a small part of grape wine, also a Haspengouw product, gives the wine a strong body.

The goal: “In Belgium, more than 60 million bottles of sparkling wines - from cheap cava's to expensive champagnes - are imported every year. If we can take up this market bit by bit with bubbles vinified from our fruit, it means that we are creating an important alternative market for the fruit from here.

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Apple Malus domestica
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Examples of end products

Seprosa® ‘Haspengouwse bubbels’

Seprosa® "Haspengouw bubbles" was the launch project in the spring of 2018. A combination of Greenstar and Kanzi was blended with "old varieties" and Pinot blanc

Seprosa® ‘Pomrise’

Seprosa® "Pomrise" is the first Rosé. The fresh acids of the apple in combination with the wine of "sweet cherry" provide a playful harmony of flavors.

Seprosa® ‘QTee®’

Seprosa® "QTee" is based on the Celina pear, which is traded under the name Qtee® by the Fruithandel Wouters R. in Rummen, and the Conférence pear.

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