VIVES has developed two vegetarian burgers based on horticultural residues. They not only taste good, but probably will be brought to market also. For the new burgers VIVES studied two residual streams: green beans and spent brewers grains.

Spent brewer grains is a residual product of beer brewing. It consists mainly of the outside of the grain and protein parts. VIVES has mixed this with other horticultural residual streams such as bell pepper, aubergine and mushrooms and processed to an attractive and tasty burger.

It is very special that no egg or breadcrumbs are used for the binding. Therefore the burger can also be eaten by vegans.

Several breweries have shown interest to start producing the burger and to sell it as ‘beer’ burgers.

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Barley Hordeum vulgare L. Sweet Pepper Capsicum annuum L.
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