When the subtle flavors of the hop shoots come together with other natural aromas, a noble marriage is created that appeals to every connoisseur. "Houblon" and "duchesse" fuse together into Houblonesse, an exclusive and traditional Belgian brand from Poperinge, West-Flanders, that elevates the hop shoots to the nobility.

Hop is omnipresent in the Poperinge region. And those who say hop immediately think of beer. But hop now has many more applications. The hop shoots - the young shoots of the hop plants that are harvested in the spring - are a true delicacy. Driven by top chefs and gourmets, they are called "white gold". The hop shoots are picked by hand and with great care. A labor-intensive and time-consuming work that makes it a costly and exclusive product.

In co-operation with knowledge centers like Hogeschool VIVES in Roeselare and Foodpairing from Bruges, Houblonesse developed exclusive products in which the subtle taste of the hop shoots is elevated.

The products are available on the webshop and local shops and supermarkets.


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Hop Humulus lupulus
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When former Poperingenaar Mieke De Backer heard about the Houblones hop shoots jam, the idea of ​​having a drink based on hop shoots immediately matured. Together with her husband Jan, they developed the Houblonesse jenever in their home brewery 't Nieuwhuys, a classic from the Low Countries with a Popering touch. The Houblonesse gin is traditionally fired and has an alcohol content of 35 °. In addition to traditional herbs, hop shoots are also added during distillation. This gin is distinguished by the real, natural scent of hop shoots ... and its distinctly mild taste. PRODUCT INFO 500 ml stone jug, 35% full.

Caramel waffles

For those looking for a tasty alternative to the classic sugar waffle. This wonderfully old-fashioned, soft wafer contains small pieces of Houblones caramel for an unprecedented taste experience. Made in a grandmother's way and according to the recipe of one of our employees! PRODUCT INFO box of 125 g (6 pieces) Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, butter, pasteurized eggs, caramel candy (9%) (sugar, pure hop juice, cream, glucose syrup, butter, water, pectin), vanilla sugar Nutritional value: per 100g: energy value: 407 Kcal / 1695 kJ; Fats 20.9 g of which saturated fatty acids 12.1 g; carbohydrates 50.1 g; of which sugars 30.4 g; proteins 4.9 g; salt 0.1 g

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