Is it possible to make textile of the stems and leaves of a tomato plant?' That was a question that arose at three different persons at three different locations. There was already evidence cellulose from cow manure can be transformed into textile, so why not with cellulose directly from a plant?

The three persons joined forces and initiated one research project, conducted by BlueCity Lab in Rotterdam (NL). At the end of 2018 the project started and it will be finished end of 2020; the aim is to show the world in 2020 some T-shirts made of tomato textile.

Tomato textile will be a local sourced and made sustainable textile in a short and very transparent logistical chain with a low footprint.

The project is roughly divided in three phases:

Phase 1: from crop to filament

Phase 2: from filament to yarn

Phase 3: from yarn to textile

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Tomato Solanum lycopersicum L.
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During the condution of the research project we've already received several delivery requests for textile (half product) and T-shirts made of tomato textile. It seems to become a premium product where there is already a demand.\n\nWe are looking for an entrepreneur who's intrested to adopt the project after finishing the research phase; he/she will be responsible to produce and sell the textile. The idea is (to start with) that any producing and commercial activities will take place in the Rotterdam (NL) region.

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