Billions of bananas end up in the bin each year, long before they reach the super market. Simply, because they don't meet the cosmetic standards of the food industry. We're not even talking about ripe bananas alone.. even bananas that are too big, too small, green or single are unneccesarily wasted.

The banana is the most wasted fruit worldwide. To us, this iconic fruit was the perfect start of a revolution. Of the 100 million tons of bananas cultivated, around 50 billion kilos are wasted worldwide throughout the chain. And we're not just talking about bananas that are too small, too crooked or too large. Even green, yellow and single bananas are unnecessarily wasted. That's why we use exactly those bananas to make the tastiest and healthiest food products. Because with a simple choice on your shopping list, and with every bite you take, you can make a serious difference.

SUNT rescues these bananas to turn them into healthy, innovative products. Such as banana bread and granola for example. This way, you can enjoy guilt-free, while fighting for a better food industry. We change the game, but you make the actual change!


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Examples of end products

Banana bread

This is banana bread in its purest form. Without added sugar, plus nuts for an extra crunchiness and some grated coconut for that extra wonderful taste. Made from rescued bananas that provide a slightly sweet taste and creamy texture. Just like cake, but healthier!


ASSome granola made from our banana bread butts contains nothing BUTT goodness because we have not added any sugar or oil. Delicious with your yogurt in the morning!