Pieper Bier is made from surplus potatoes or potatoes which do not measure up to the required standards.
Due to the neutral taste of the potatoes, the hop taste comes out more strongly. This allows for a taste of floral bitter that is compared by experts to a pale ale.

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Potato Solanum tuberosum
Roots / Tubers
Application area
Food & feed
Commercial stage
Relevant plant compounds

Examples of end products

Bammetjes Bier

Apart from dairy, bread is the most wasted in the Netherlands. No less than 380 million kilos of bread is wasted annually! Instock has succeeded in using saved bread as an ingredient for their Bammetjes Bier. Bammetjes Bier is the summer sister of Pieper Bier! This bread beer tastes like a Weizen (German white beer). A beer with a summery character that, thanks to its special recipe, has a light yeast trumpet and a hint of banana. Different types of bread are used in the brewing of Bammetjes Bier. In the end you save almost two sandwiches with one beer!

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Used conversion methods

Biochemical processes